The Conscious Builder Show – Can I do my own demolition?

Can I do my own demolition? demolition 

Us, humans, are very good at tearing things down and apart, but this podcast is not about that.

This episode is about getting the answer to the question: Can I do my own demolition?

Yes, you can!

Nothing is stopping you from tearing down your walls, ceiling and floors. Before you do that though, make sure to have all safety measures in place (hard hat, steel toe boots, protective eye-wear). Some demolition work might not be as easy as it might seem. Electrical and plumbing are hiding behind the walls, and couple swings with the hammer might do a lot of damage to your house and wallet. Familiarize yourself with the existing plan of your home, know which walls are structural and which ones you can demolish.

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Veronica Druta
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