About Us



To be the leader in healthy, Innovative and sustainable building.

Core Values:

  • Fun
    • Life is too short to be serious all the time. Not all situations are fun but fun can be brought into all situations.
  • Honour
    • Honour yourself, the environment and all the people around you. This is the highest form of respect you can give.
  • Mastery
    • Always bring the best you to every situation. Every day is an opportunity to be better than the last.
The Conscious Team

Who is The Conscious Builder?

The Conscious Builder is about never ending improvement and progress towards a healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly and prosperous future.

The Conscious Builder is about making conscious decisions. Being aware of how every decision and every action will have an impact on something and someone, somewhere. It’s up to us to make sure that those decisions and actions create a positive, lasting change.


Merriam-Webster definition of conscious:


  1. Awake and able to understand what is happening around you.
  2. Aware of something (such as a fact or feeling).
  3. Knowing something exists or is happening.
  4. Known or felt by yourself.


This means that you may not be able to build or renovate your home 100% sustainably, but you can build it 100% consciously. If you’re aware of the implications of your decisions, then, and only then, can you make conscious decisions.


We hired Cornelis Grey Construction to retrofit ductwork for a kitchen range hood fan. Not a large job perhaps, but it did require some careful planning to work around attic obstructions and still maintain a sufficiently short and straight pathway for the ductwork. Mr. Grey’s crew were professional, resourceful and respectful – and my wife and I are extremely pleased with the result.


Over the many years of our association with Casey Grey and his team at Cornelis Grey Construction Inc. we had numerous repairs done in our former older home and, more recently, renovation work in our current home to upgrade the kitchen, bathrooms, and various exterior upgrades. Our expectations of a good contractor are: technical competence; timeliness; fair pricing; flexibility to adapt solutions; and clear communication throughout the project. The team at Cornelis Grey Construction Inc. have all of these and, in addition, are very easy and pleasant to work with. We highly recommend them for all sorts of repairs and construction, ranging from small to large. The company provides good value for money spent


I have hired contractors to do new house construction and renovation and working with Casey on our kitchen reno was one of the very best experiences I have had. He and his crew were easy to work with, detail and quality oriented, and were more than reasonable when it came time for the inevitable surprise. Highly recommended.

Matt Butler