About Us



To be the leader in healthy, Innovative and sustainable building.

Core Values:

  • Fun
    • Life is too short to be serious all the time. Not all situations are fun but fun can be brought into all situations.
  • Honour
    • Honour yourself, the environment and all the people around you. This is the highest form of respect you can give.
  • Mastery
    • Always bring the best you to every situation. Every day is an opportunity to be better than the last.
The Conscious Team

Who is The Conscious Builder?

The Conscious Builder is about never ending improvement and progress towards a healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly and prosperous future.

The Conscious Builder is about making conscious decisions. Being aware of how every decision and every action will have an impact on something and someone, somewhere. It’s up to us to make sure that those decisions and actions create a positive, lasting change.


Merriam-Webster definition of conscious:


  1. Awake and able to understand what is happening around you.
  2. Aware of something (such as a fact or feeling).
  3. Knowing something exists or is happening.
  4. Known or felt by yourself.


This means that you may not be able to build or renovate your home 100% sustainably, but you can build it 100% consciously. If you’re aware of the implications of your decisions, then, and only then, can you make conscious decisions.


e. jane wilson, architect

Casey and his team did a wonderful job on our passive house standard home. They tackled some of unusual features that I had designed without problem. Good teamwork.

Richard McMillan

I hired the folks at The Conscious Builder Inc to design and carry out a major kitchen renovation as well as refinishing the pine floors on the ground floor of my house. The cabinets were manufactured using wood harvested from my own property. Also the wood for the ceiling was milled from my own lumber. The job was completed on schedule, and even though a few surprises were found in the 100+ year old house, it was within budget. I am very pleased with the work carried out by Casey and his crew.

Julie Vaillant

I hired the conscious builder as he was recommended to me through a friend of mine. The owner, Casey Grey made it a point to meet with me , provide a detailed estimate, timelines and prices. Casey is extremely honest and up front. This contractor hires experienced workers and what was important to me was that at any point of the reno if there was a question or an issue with what they discovered they contacted me to advise me and go through what my options were. The workmanship was extremely well done and I found his team to be effective, left the site clean every day before leaving and they were all extremely polite. My project was large in scope, from tearing down outside covering to re-insulation of exterior walls, windows and doors all changed , to inside walls being knocked, my kitchen being gutted , a support beam installed and full kitchen reno. we were on par for the budget and when there were costs I didn't expect Casey always came by to explain the rationale and we figured out ways to save on other things without sacrificing the expected outcome. I highly recommend the Conscious builder as Casey is not jus there to renovate... he wants to make your house more efficient which in the end saves you money! I was not disappointed and you will not be. I would hire them again for a project of this magnitude you must trust your builder and I trust The conscious builder.